Press Release Dated 23-04-2017

Press Note :-
key points of Sri Ram Madav Ji speech
1. This upcoming election in Tripura is very important for us even for the top party leadership.
2.Modi wave will reach Tripura soon.   3.This is one of our most important political objective to win election in Tripura and remove this “ভ্রষ্ট” government out of rule.
4. This government in Tripura has created a menace.
5. We are the outcome of “Politics of Hope”… we represent politics of hope.. people look into us and we must respond.
6. We need to transform hope into votes for hope to become reality.
7.we have leadership, strong organisation and we have people with us….Now we have to give an honest effort for the outcome.
8.leaders need to focus on local issues to in cash the incumbency factor of this corrupt government.
9.Prime Minister will do rallies, Party National President will do rallies so as other central leaders because we want BJP in power of Tripura. But elections has to be won by you leaders who ate present in this Hall.
10. YES… we will fight this election to win by our effort for the people of Tripura.
11. Every good people of the society should be helping BJP. Get associated and bring them to help us.
12.Our slogan from today is “BOOTH JITO VOTE JITO”
13. We need to win Tripura and you have to be serious to this vision….. because National Leaders are serious, many C.M and other leaders wants to work in Tripura for the upcoming elections. We will throughout Left Front from this Bastion to make a history. People of Tripura is eyeing for last 30 years for a government who will change their life. “WE WILL BE THE CHANGE”
14. We need to believe on our effort.
15. You are GEARED up for election now you have to fired up for VICTORY.
(Verified by State President)
Thank you for your co-operation.
Victor Shome
State Media In Charge
BJP Tripura Pradesh

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